As a Distribution firm, we aim to be loyal and dependable partner for several overseas Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, promoting and distributing their products through Egypt, Middle East and African countries till it reaches all targeted and potential customers even in the remote areas. Making sure that all provided services are in-house in order to save time and cost, in addition to assuring the premium quality of services.

Sales and Marketing

Through either locally hired or through overseas management of professional Sales and Marketing teams, ClinEast provides a very professional Sales and Marketing strategies providing real value to patients and HCPs, focus on their needs. We work on creation of relationships between pharma companies and patients, as well as between pharma reps and healthcare providers, through an integrated loop that combines all together. We believe that content is much more likely to be shared when it provides value, and that's what we provide... VALUE

Market Research and Marketing Intelligence

The everyday information relevant to the company’s markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics.

And here at ClinEast, we follow a customized global guidelines and standards through both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods while evaluating every and each distribution opportunity in addition to exploring new specific market potentialities.

Pharma and MD Registration

The registration of Pharmaceutical and medical devices products is a relatively complex and lengthy process that is becoming more challenging day after day for manufacturers and importers that have to comply with the local health authorities requirements.

ClinEast Regulatory team has the expertise and long-term experience in documents validation and preparing of registration files based on local authorities requirements and regulations in a challenging time.

Pharmaceuticals & MD Logistics

ClinEAST has a professional well trained logistics team has all released updates from global shipping authorities capable of providing our overseas partners by all necessary information that would ease the shipments clearance from different ports in different markets.


In addition, they're capable of minimizing all potential risks that arises in unexpected situation with local customs and health authorities.

Distribution Services

On behalf of overseas manufacturers, At ClinEast We understand how complex is the supply chain activities needs of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and have customized solutions to meet each specific product's needs.


We have extensive experience in warehousing and distribution activities to help pharmaceutical and medical devices companies meet customer demands on time using temperature controlled fleets.

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